Fundraisers & School Auction Projects

Need a creative Fund-Raiser? Or a custom School Auction Project*?

If your Club, Church, Youth Group, School Organization is looking to raise funds…We have a great “Paint Your Own Pottery Projects!”

Popular Money Making Ideas

Choose a platter, vase, cookie jar or set of dishes. Take pieces and provided paint to school and have the kids decorate. Thumbprints and handprints are always crowd pleasers! Have a room mom or teacher add the finishing touches and bring them back to us for glazing and firing. Our creative staff can do the finishing touches for you if needed for a small fee. Parents will fight over these hand-painted treasures – with their wallets of course!

Book a Special Day for your group, organization, or school and Paint ‘N Station will give back 20% of the totals raised to your group, organization, or school!

Call us or stop by the studio to see what we can do for you!

*School Auction projects are a seasonal service we offer. Not available year-round.