Children’s Parties!



Book our Private Party Room for your next Birthday!

Call today to reserve your date & time! A non-refundable $20 deposit required at time of reservation.


  • Paint’N Take: $10 per Person
  • Pottery: $12 & Up per Person
  • Canvas Painting: $15 & Up per Person
  • Minimum Painters: 10 Painters
  • Maximum Painters: As many as you are BRAVE enough to invite!
  • Non-painters attending party: $2 each (6-8 non-painters included in package at no charge)

We Provide:

  • Private Party Room – 1.5 Hours
    (Please be courteous of your time, in the event your party falls into an extra half hour, an additional $30 fee will be added.)
  • Art Piece
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Paint Smocks

You Provide:

  • Birthday Treat – Cake or Cupcakes!
    (Due to time constraints, food may not be served.)
  • Birthday Beverage
  • Paper Goods

Hints for a Successful Party!

• Call us 2-3 days in advance to confirm number of guests.

Place cake and other party items on table under the chalkboard.

• Gifts should be placed on the bench next to the table.

• Children may play in the “PLAY Room” until all guests arrive.

• Painting time will be the first 45 minutes, the remaining time will be for cake and opening gifts.

• At least one adult must be present in the Play Room with your group.

• Children will need to stay in Play Room and/or Party Room at ALL TIMES during the party.



• When selecting pottery, children are not allowed to remove art pieces. {Adults only}

• We will fully explain to our artists to stay seated until majority are finished.

• Please help us remind our artists that we are a Painting Studio, not an outdoor playground.