How It Works

We offer a wide range of pottery pieces, canvases, & Paint ‘N Take options to choose from!

How to Paint at the Studio

  1. Choose Your Piece!

    Pick a piece of pottery or plaster from our HUGE selection! Pieces for your kitchen, to hold your coffee, for the holidays, for gifts, and so much more!

  2. Design It!
    Come with an idea in mind, or look through our MANY IDEA BOOKS!
    We have stencils, stamps, & sponges galore! Plus, we have tons of “Trace Me” tools to choose from!
    Ask about our “Red” paper that will transfer any design onto your piece.

  3. Create It!

    Choose your colors from our exciting color chart and let your brush guide you!


Glazing & Firing

  • We’ll do the glazing and the firing for you!
  • Completed pottery will be ready in about a week!



  • $7.00 Studio Fee for the Day of Painting, plus the cost of the Pottery.
  • If you don’t complete your masterpiece in one sitting, simply take it with you and bring it back another day, you will only be charged a $7.00 Studio Fee for your return visit.